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[Gnumed-bugs] Unhappy with Apple + X11 + GNUmed?

From: Jim Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-bugs] Unhappy with Apple + X11 + GNUmed?
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 14:25:45 -0700

For one thing, the active letters (keyboard shortcuts) are not-so-active. I 
have tried conceivable combinations of Apple key (Command), Control, Option 
(alt), Shift, and tilde yet cannot jump into the menus from the keyboard.

If I *mouse* into the menus, here is what I observe:

- when traveling along the top menu bar via cursor, key presses apply only to 
items in the (top) menu bar; letters inside an exposed menu appear to be 
ignored unless you would first either

i) press the letter pertaining to one of the menu *bar* items... this then sets 
focus to the first available item *within* the menu
ii) cursor-down into the menu

then letters will work.

is the same true in Linux?

How, in Linux, does one jump focus from the GNUmed plugin space into the menus?

For Mac, I have so far only fund this but it's no obvious answer. Does it maybe 
relate to the appending of submenus (reference 1) or does wx have anything to 
do with a meta key?

-- Jim

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