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Re: GNUe Reports GUI

From: Randall Whitman
Subject: Re: GNUe Reports GUI
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2011 14:47:16 -0700


[Sorry that I did not see the message until now - I had been subscribed to
gnue-dev only, and not the main/general gnue list.  FWIW:]

>  I believe that code was added to GNUe Designer at some point to allow
>  it to act as a GUI report designer (alongside its main role as a GUI
>  forms designer). However, Designer is currently broken. Having said
>  that, the main reason it's broken is because it hasn't been updated for
>  changes in the way *Forms* are defined, so it *may* still be usable
>  (with some tweaking) as a Reports designer?

Designer-0.5.4 had a menu item New-Reports, and I see substantive code for
a report template, but New-From-wizard dialog had *no* tab for Report.
Current Designer 0.6alpha0+bzr has no entry for Reports in the File-New menu,
and I have no info on its removal, which predates my work on Designer
(and I have been focusing on forms not reports in Designer).


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