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PROCESS-PRINTOUT trigger not available any more

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: PROCESS-PRINTOUT trigger not available any more
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 18:56:31 +0100

Hi, all,

I've just removed the PROCESS-PRINTOUT trigger from gnue-forms, because

* it didn't really work as intended anyway - the trigger had to be a
NAMED trigger of name="process-printout" rather than a trigger or

* it is now possible to achieve exactly the same by hiding the normal
printout button in the form and adding a new button to the
__extra_toolbar__ with a custom function.

This is how you would do this:

  <toolbar name="tlb__extra_toolbar__">
    <toolbutton name="tlb_my_print" action="act_my_print"/>
    <toolbutton name="separator"/>

  <trigger type="ON-STARTUP">
    form.tlb__main_toolbar__.tlb__rollback__.hidden = True
    form.tlb__main_toolbar__.tlb__sep5__.hidden = True

  <action name="act_my_print" icon="printout" label="Custom printout">
    print "printing now"

You can even leave the form printout routine in and add the custom
printout as a second option, where I would certainly recommend to use
different icons for the two buttons :-)


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