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Re: GNUe Reports GUI

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: Re: GNUe Reports GUI
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2010 10:28:18 +0100

Dear James Mohr,

Am Montag, den 01.11.2010, 13:35 +0100 schrieb James Mohr:
> Is there any kind of GUI for GNUe Reports? I installed both
> gnue-common and gnue-reports and I find nothing to indicate there is a
> GUI.

If you mean a GUI for the end user to enter the report parameters, you
have to install gnue-forms and define parameters in your report. The
parameters will be queried through gnue-forms when you run the report.

If you mean a GUI for the developer to design the report, no, there is
no such thing (yet).

> Is there any decent documentation available. All I have found on the
> GNUE site are two man-pages which do little to explain how to really
> use GNUE reports. 

I think the best documentation available for reports is
Concepts-Guide.sxw which is included in the source distribution in the
doc/ directory.


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