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[GNUe] Beginner

From: Léo Magalhães
Subject: [GNUe] Beginner
Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 15:44:27 -0300

Hi folks,

I'm an unexperienced programmer. I had some classes of programming at
college, learned some C and C++, but never went on with practicing in
a regular basis. As i was working as a sound technician, i never gave
too much attention to software developing. But life went on and i
decided to change my direction.

Right now, i need to implement an ERP and CRM in the Small Business
i´m woring in, using open source software. The first module i need to
implement is going to be my final project to get my graduate degree. I
have to do it fast... only 6 months to go.

I was researching the options available. and found the GNUe to be one
attractive, especially because i want to learn Python and i want to be
able to customize the software as much as possible. I am an free
software enthusiast and have always been a fan of GNU filosophy.

But, for my academic necessities right now, the other options in java
(as OpenBravo, ADempiere and OpenTaps), seem to have a more rich
documentation and more online support - altough i have no knowledge in
java and no great interest to learn it. The fact that GNUe offers more
support via IRC (and that´s blocked in my network at work) and not
from mailing seems a bit scaring to me - i'll check out if i can get
my machine liberated for IRC, altough as programming is not my main
job here, and i don't have internet connection at home (i'm completely
broke right now and going through financial difficulties). And i found
the online documentation very incomplete... I couldn't find out where
to start after reading the entire GNUe Common "Developers Guide"

If i didn't have the time constraint, i'd propbably choose GNUe, but
i'm getting worried if i will be able do finish it in time using
GNUe... I have little knowledge in databases, nor am i an experienced
programmer and i still have to learn python, but that seems more easy
than learning how to use GNUe. For instance, the really start of it
would be:

and it's 404 error (not found).

What are the binary executables for?? Are those Packages?? Where are
the Packages??

Well, you can see i'm lost. What do you recommend??


Leo Magalhaes

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