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Re[6]: [GNUe] gnue-forms: how to make better

From: Oleg Noga
Subject: Re[6]: [GNUe] gnue-forms: how to make better
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 15:09:44 +0300

Hello Reinhard,

RM> Would it be possible to implement multi-line grids using wx.grid? If
RM> not, it seems actually like it would be a step back, since we have
RM> multi-line grids now.

How this spanning works? Is it some kind of grouping?

RM> FWIW, I believe that most of the things you list above would be
RM> implementable with the current grid also (maybe except cut/paste of data
RM> block).

Yes, it needs block selection ability to cut/paste blocks. It is
already done in visual grid components. 

Best regards,
 Oleg                            mailto:address@hidden

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