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[GNUe] Problem with comparing negative numbers?

From: Zvonimir Jericevic
Subject: [GNUe] Problem with comparing negative numbers?
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 13:17:33 +0100


I created trigger which checks if the value of field is less or greater then -5, and accordingly print message.

Problem is in results: I get that -1 < -5 and -6 > -5, and -10 < -5 and 0 > -5.

This is trigger:

<trigger type="POST-FOCUSOUT" name="Trigger3">##
## entTe.Pre-FocusOut (Entry-Level Trigger)
unos = blkBlock1.fldTe

if unos&lt;-5: blkBlock1.UnboundField2.set('less then -5')
else:blkK_d.UnboundField2.set('greater then -5')


Is anybody know where is mistake?

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