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[GNUe] GNU Bayonne 2 1.0 release candidate announced

From: David Sugar
Subject: [GNUe] GNU Bayonne 2 1.0 release candidate announced
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 08:39:10 -0400
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GNU Telephony is happy to announce the availability of the first 1.0 release candidate for GNU Bayonne 2. GNU Bayonne 2 is a telephony application server which allows small and large businesses, and commercial telephone carriers, to create, deploy, and manage their own interactive voice response applications, both on wired and VOIP telephone networks, using free software.

GNU Bayonne 2 1.0 is composed of a subset of those services and features found in the recently introduced, and very rapidly advancing GNU Bayonne 2 development effort. Features were chosen for introduction in this release candidate that were already stable and effective for production use and supportable under GNU/Linux and other platforms.

GNU Bayonne 2 is a free software package that has been developed by volunteers around the world. These volunteers cooperate with other Free Software development groups, including those working on Carrier Grade extensions for the Linux kernel, and the GNU Enterprise project. Many organizations and individuals too numerous to name have contributed resources and time to help create GNU Bayonne 2.

GNU Bayonne 2 can be obtained in source code form directly from  For further information contact David
Sugar <address@hidden>, GNU Telephony at, or Tycho Softworks at +1 201 215 2609.

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