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[GNUe] Question on how to interact with an external library

From: Andreas Fromm
Subject: [GNUe] Question on how to interact with an external library
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 21:48:44 +0200
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Hi again,

I'm working on a customer management application and need to send
debit notes to them. Until now I'm managing the banking stuff in text
files an transfer the payments and debit notes through aqbanking, an
online banking lib which supports the German banking system (some
US-banking capabilities are also implemented and as far as I know a
full support is planed).

My aim is to get my Database application interact directly with the
library. There are already python bindings for it as well as batch
capable tools for it. To send an order to the Bank, it has to be
enqueued by the lib and when everything is done, the queue has to be
executed. Of course, account statements can also be retrieved form
the Bank.

Now my question is, which is the simplest way to interact with this
library from gnue. Of course one possibility is to generate a csv-file
with the orders and process it with the batch tools of aqbanking, but
I thought that it could be possible to implement something like a
datasource which retrieves the account statements by querys and send
orders to the bank by committing a record set to it. Does this make
sense, or are there other, more natural ways of doing this? Maybe a
backend for a gnue-report would be the right way to go, but I haven't
tried out gnue-reports until now. Anyway it would be nice to have a
good interface to an onlinebanking lib for database applications,
wouldn't it?


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