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[GNUe] newbee question

From: Andreas Moroder
Subject: [GNUe] newbee question
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 12:10:06 +0100
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with designer I designed a form that generates this code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso8859-1"?>

<!--  GNUe-Designer (0.5.5)
      Saved on: 2005-02-12 11:39:32  -->

  <datasource name="dts_concorsi_master_block" connection="andreas"
explicitfields="" prequery="Y" primarykey="numero" requery="True" table="concorsi"/>
<block name="master_block" datasource="dts_concorsi_master_block" rows="5"> <field name="fldNumero" field="numero" required="Y" typecast="number"/>
      <field name="fldFigura" field="figura" typecast="number"/>
  <layout xmlns:Char="GNUe:Layout:Char" Char:height="12" Char:width="47">
    <page name="Page1">
      <label name="lblNumero" Char:height="1" Char:width="7" Char:x="8"
             Char:y="2" text="Numero:"/>
      <entry name="ntryNumero" Char:height="1" Char:width="30" Char:x="16"
             Char:y="2" block="master_block" field="fldNumero" label=""/>
      <label name="lblFigura" Char:height="1" Char:width="7" Char:x="8"
             Char:y="4" text="Figura:"/>
      <entry name="ntryFigura" Char:height="1" Char:width="30" Char:x="16"
             Char:y="4" block="master_block" field="fldFigura" label=""/>

When I try to run it I get a long traceback.
Does gnue-forms.exe sve this traceback to a file ?

The last line is
File "PyPgSql}PgSQL.pyc"  line 3072 , in execute
..... Syntax Error Aat or near "," at character 44


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