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[GNUe] GNUe Designer 0.5.5 released

From: reinhard
Subject: [GNUe] GNUe Designer 0.5.5 released
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 14:30:53 +0100

The GNU Enterprise team is proudly announcing

   GNUe Designer 0.5.5.

GNUe Designer is the IDE for the GNUe tools. It allows you to
visually layout your forms in a RAD-style environment. Designer has
a builtin forms client, so you can quickly test your forms while
still in Designer.  Designer also has support for form creation
wizards... answer a few questions, attach your form to one or more
database tables, select the fields to include, and, voila, a basic
form is created. Basic support for schema creation is also included.

Changes and new features in this release:

* Mouse-over tooltips in property editor
* Reset focus order by position
* New icon
* Several bug fixes

You can download the current release of GNUe Designer from

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