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[GNUe] appserver 0.3.0

From: Tim Schofield
Subject: [GNUe] appserver 0.3.0
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 11:43:05 +0100


I had appserver 0.2.0 running fine on this system, but have tried to get
0.3.0 installed, and get the following error when I try to start it. I
am using gnue-common 0.5.9. Anyone any ideas?


DB000: Traceback (most recent call last):
DB000:    File "/usr/bin/gnue-appserver", line 35, in ?
DB000: ();
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/", line 175, in
DB000:     {'SessionManager': self.requestSessionManager})
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/common/rpc/", line 87, in bind
DB000:     servers [interface] = driver.ServerAdapter (mapping,
bindings, params)
DB000:    File
line 152, in __init__
DB000:     DirectoryServer.DirectoryServer.__init__(self, rpcdef,
bindings, params)
DB000:    File
"/usr/lib/gnue/common/rpc/drivers/_helpers/", line 61,
in __init__
DB000:     self.mapObjects(rpcdef,bindings)
DB000:    File
"/usr/lib/gnue/common/rpc/drivers/_helpers/", line
206, in mapObjects
DB000:     self.mapObjects(child, bindings, object)
DB000:    File
"/usr/lib/gnue/common/rpc/drivers/_helpers/", line
118, in mapObjects
DB000:     object._realbinding=bindings[object.binding]()
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/", line 207, in
DB000: = geasSessionManager.geasSessionManager
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/", line 59,
in __init__
DB000:     classrep.init (self)
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/classrep/", line 63,
in init
DB000:     server.classes.reload ()
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/classrep/", line 101, in
DB000:     BaseDictionary.reload (self)
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/classrep/", line 83, in
DB000:     self._getColumns ())
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/language/", line 119,
in find
DB000:     properties)
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/language/", line
46, in __init__
DB000:     self.__buildList ()
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/language/", line
84, in __buildList
DB000:     self.sortOrder,
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/", line
158, in request
DB000:     return s.request (classname, conditions, sortorder,
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/", line 331, in
DB000:     recordset = self.__connection.query (content, dsCond,
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/", line 405, in query
DB000:     content, conditions, order)
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/", line 660, in __init__
DB000:     self.__content, conditions, order)
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/appserver/", line 306, in
DB000:     return datasource.createResultSet (conditions)
DB000:    File "/usr/lib/gnue/common/datasources/", line
334, in createResultSet
DB000:     resultSet=
DB000:    File
"/usr/lib/gnue/common/datasources/drivers/Base/", line 90,
in createResultSet
DB000:     readOnly=readOnly, masterRecordSet=masterRecordSet, sql=sql)
DB000:    File
"/usr/lib/gnue/common/datasources/drivers/DBSIG2/", line
189, in _createResultSet
DB000:     cursor = self._connection.makecursor(query)
DB000:    File
"/usr/lib/gnue/common/datasources/drivers/DBSIG2/", line
289, in makecursor
DB000:     cursor.execute (s)
DB000:  ProgrammingError: ERROR:  column t0.gnue_filter does not exist
DB000: SELECT t0.gnue_filter,t0.gnue_name,t0.gnue_module,t0.gnue_id FROM
gnue_class t0 ORDER BY t0.gnue_id

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