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Re: [GNUe] GNUe Common Library 0.5.9 released

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: Re: [GNUe] GNUe Common Library 0.5.9 released
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 14:28:51 +0200

Am Mon, den 11.10.2004 schrieb KH Jeron um 14:21:
> is there a working example which uses the RPC abstraction layer ? and contain self test code that demonstrates the use
of this layer. Also, gnue-appserver uses that abstraction layer,
although it might not be *that* good as an example to learn from (as it
is quite complex).

Reinhard Mueller
GNU Enterprise project
No army can stop an idea whose time has come.
        -- Victor Hugo, 1802-1885

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