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Re: [GNUe] Reports from DBF Files

From: Karl M. Joch
Subject: Re: [GNUe] Reports from DBF Files
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 23:23:36 +0200
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Reinhard Mueller wrote:


it's very nice to see you here on this list, and I've always wanted to
thank you for creating the FreeBSD ports for GNUe!

Not a problem, I am really interested in GNUE so I was interested to see it working on FreeBSD.

Am Mit, den 25.08.2004 schrieb Karl M. Joch um 1:06:

Trying to create some reports on FreeBSD from Clipper/DBF Files.

The dbf dbdriver for gnue is based on an external python dbf library
which also has to be installed.

Our project member Jan Ischebeck has has created this driver, and AFAIK
noone else of the gnue team has ever used it. Unfortunately, we haven't
heard from Jan lately, as he seems to be busy with real life.

We have tried to find out what external python dbf library he has used,
and all we found out is that it's *not* :-(

Maybe Jan sees this mail and can help us. Or maybe somebody else has
managed to make dbf run.

If you really think it would be wort the effort, we could also create a
new driver that is based on the fiby module mentioned above. For this,
it would be interesting how others see the need for a dBase compatible
dbdriver for GNUe.


I searched and found 3 things:

it looks ilke to me that the first one could be the neccecary module. I will try it soon, but finally this one has no support for index files. In the first step i would like to add some reports to an very old application we are running. without indexes dbf access makes no real sence. I still havnt found the time to start moving away from Clipper/Harbour. Application is very complex :-(.

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

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