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Re: [GNUe] Release of GNUe-AppServer 0.1

From: Julio Cesar Gazquez
Subject: Re: [GNUe] Release of GNUe-AppServer 0.1
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 21:40:37 -0300
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El Mié 04 Ago 2004 04:44, Reinhard Mueller escribió:

>  > It's ok, the 2004 release is steady, even when sometimes I feel a bit
>  > disappointed... well you know, as the mail rush some months ago shown,
>  > GNUe tools are a big hope, even more when currently there are no other
>  > similar FOSS project.
>  Of course we would be thankful if you could find the time to help with
>  the one or other missing feature :-)

I'm afraid I'm not able to help too much, and while I'm interested in the 
project, it won't pay off so much for me at this time to colaborate actively.
Please note I sent a little patch(*) and a few suggestions last year, so don't 
take this as a whole lack of will :-)

(*) I sent a two-liner or so, because numeric values where quoted when 
creating SQL sentences, and that worked with PostgreSQL, but I did a few test 
with Access on ODBC and it complained badly. I don't know if the change was 
incorporated or properly rewritten (I know basically nothing about Python, 
leave alone GNUe internal architecture).


Julio César Gázquez

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