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[GNUe] How is the correct way to build Master-Detail Forms

From: Dieter Fischer
Subject: [GNUe] How is the correct way to build Master-Detail Forms
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 19:20:35 +0200


I'm trying to create a master-detail form, and I'm not sure, how to do it

What I like to do is, that the related master field in the detail is not
showed. In Oracle Forms (always my reference ;-) ), you had to put it onto
page 0. 
What I did is, that I made it invisible, and the text I changed in the
layout to lenght and height 0. After this operation, the designer is is
confused, and shows me the objects in the object navigator wrong (e.g.

How is the proper way to handle that?



PS:     Are you interested to have comments about errors in the XP world of
        E.g. that the scrollbar disapears in the property inspector when you

        click on another item in the object navigator

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