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[GNUe] Hello GNUe

From: Andrew Smart
Subject: [GNUe] Hello GNUe
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 11:54:07 +0200

Hi folks,

I'm very happy to have found GNUe and I would like to
participate very activly on working with the GNUe-

Who am I:
- Name: Andrew Smart
- 34 Years old, living in Duesseldorf, Germany
- Managing Director of my own company, which does
  project and team consulting, focus on IT project/teams
- Python-Fan, Python-Programmer, long experience-
  programmer (did my first commercial project with 16)
- Co-Founder of the Python Business Forum  (PBF)
  Member of the board of the PBF

GNUe lies currently hot on my path of thoughts and
activities, since I have several contacts and contracts
which work in this area (or would like to able to work
with something like GNUe).

Due to this fact I'm able to offer some already
implemented Python packages like "Data Migration"
or "Data aggregation" to GNUe. They are based on
Python and usually use XML as storage for 
configuration informations. 

I'm also able to provide additional concepts which
are important for using something like GNUe in
big enterprise environments, since I've worked 
in such enterprises the last 8 years on a 
conceptional/project leader level.

If certain conditions are met I'll (probably) be
able to raise funds for supporting the GNUe 
development or to add development capacity
to the project.

Andrew Smart

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