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[GNUe] New releases available for GNUe-AppServer, GNUe-Forms, and GNUe-C

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: [GNUe] New releases available for GNUe-AppServer, GNUe-Forms, and GNUe-Common
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 11:35:40 +0200

The GNU Enterprise team is proud to announce a new release of it's
enterprise application development suite. This release includes:

* GNUe AppServer 0.0.8
* GNUe Forms 0.5.5
* GNUe Common 0.5.5

GNUe AppServer is the core of the n-tier variant of the GNU Enterprise
system. To the front end (be it GNUe Forms, GNUe Reports or any other
tool), it provides user-defineable business objects with arbitary fields
and methods. While transforming access to those fields and methods into
database communication and calling of scripts, it cares about stability,
security, speed, and consistency.

GNUe-Forms is a platform and UI-independent forms system. It reads an
XML-based forms definition and creates GUIs for Win32, GTK 2, and, soon,
Curses (text), QT 3.0, and HTML. It has a fully data-aware widget set
and can be used in both 2-tier and n-tier environments.

GNUe-Common is the basis for the GNUe tools, such as Forms, Reports,
Application Server, and Designer. It implements a database-abstraction
layer that provides support for most major databases. A builtin
XML-to-Object parser and Object-to-XML marshaller are used by Forms,
Reports, and Designer to save and read Forms/Report definitions to and
from an XML file. It also defines and implements an RPC abstraction
layer that will allow server processes to define their public methods
once and have them available to CORBA, XML-RPC, SOAP, and DCOM clients.

All of these releases are targeted at developers. The products are
available in source form from our website at

Debian packages for "unstable" will been created and incorporated into
the official distribution.

The tools have been tested and are known to run on:

- GNU/Linux (RedHat 6.x/7.x/8.x, Debian 3.x/sid, Slackware 8.x, Gentoo)
- Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT
- MacOS X (via the available X interface)
- Solaris 8/9
- FreeBSD 4.x/5.x

The tools require Python 2.0 or better to run (Python 2.3+ recommended.)

New features/changes in GNUe-AppServer 0.0.8:

* Indirect properties
* Calculated properties
* Triggers (procedures that are fired automatically upon certain events)
* Defined return values for procedures
* Reference fields are now checked for integrity
* All operations are now atomic
* Inserts and deletes are now passed to the database in correct order
* Much improved exception handling
* Parser for newly created GCD (GNUe Class Definition) files

New features/changes in GNUe-Forms 0.5.5:

* Possibility to set the title of the form
* Support for auto-fitting images in the <image> tag
* Listbox widget
* Tree widget
* Many new properties in trigger namespace
* Updated documentation

New features/changes in GNUe-Common 0.5.5:

* Changed AppServer's dbdriver to match AppServer's new features
* Fixed prefix format for conditions
* Fixed RPM generation with setup system
* Lots of other bug fixes

Reinhard Mueller
GNU Enterprise project
No army can stop an idea whose time has come.
        -- Victor Hugo, 1802-1885

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