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[GNUe] error in appserver

From: Peter Dabrowski
Subject: [GNUe] error in appserver
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 18:33:23 +0800

I got a problem with xmlrpc transport at gnue appserver after upgrading my 
system to 
Mandrake9.2 with python2.3. I had reinstall all gnue modules after upgrading 
anything worked but it was quick and smooth. Only appserver doesn't work. 
Bellow error log. Anybody got a clue what went wrong? 
Exporting our services via xmlrpc.py_xmlrpc (port 8765) ... 
DB000: Traceback (most recent call last): 
DB000:   File "/usr/local/bin/gnue-appserver", line 31, in ? 
DB000: (); 
DB000:   File "/usr/local/gnue/lib/python/gnue/appserver/", 
line 158, in 
DB000:     {'SessionManager': self.requestSessionManager}) 
DB000:   File "/usr/local/gnue/lib/python/gnue/common/rpc/", line 184, 
in bind 
DB000:     driver = _get_driver(interface, ALLDRIVERS, 
x:x.SERVER==1 ) 
DB000:   File "/usr/local/gnue/lib/python/gnue/common/rpc/", line 71, 
DB000:     raise Exception, tmsg 
DB000: Exception: No rpc driver found for provider type 'xmlrpc.py_xmlrpc' 
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