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[GNUe] Some bug reports

From: Julio Cesar Gazquez
Subject: [GNUe] Some bug reports
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 13:33:54 -0300
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Using cvs-2000-10-14 on Windows 98. I didn't try with a newer snapshot yet.

* Designer includes a "return" sentence when creating a blank trigger. This 
causes a "Unscriptable object" error.

* Designer doesn't seem to save changes in triggers.

* gnue-navigator: (win32 UI) Mixes HTML with garbage, when browing the tree, 
most of time adds the HTML description below the previously shown.

* gnue-forms: (wx UI): Tabs are never shown. I guess this is a wx on Windows 
problem, in Linux seems to work fine.

* gnue-forms: (win32 UI): Tabs are hidden by toolbar, unless it's SUPPRESSed.

* Login form: (win32) It seems just like a little part of the title bar. No 
widgets are visible.

* General wish: The "Data not saved..." message is shown before the On-Exit 
event is fired. I'd like to handle this by myself. There is currently a way 
to do this, On-Exit behaviour must be changed, or a new Pre-Exit event is 

* Forms developers guide: getFocus() has the setFocus() example.

* gnue-forms: For form.setFocus(Page1) I got

                NameError: name 'Page1' is not defined:

the same with entries. Either fix the code or update the docs, whatever is 

I guess using Bugzilla or something else should be nice ;-)


Julio César Gázquez

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