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[GNUe] Greetings message

From: Santiago Burbano
Subject: [GNUe] Greetings message
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 01:00:52 +0200

Hi, everybody

I just subscribed to the list and wanted to say 'Hi' to everybody here. I'm
new to GNU Enterprise, so for now I'm just browsing thoroughly the docs and
sources, but my intention is to eventually become an active developer for
the project (I foresee a quite good business oportunity here in Spain with
GNUE, when it is ready for production use, of course).

So, a couple of questions to start:

- Is there any (technical) info available somewhere (apart from the website)
on GNUE?
- Where should I focus to be most helpful to the project? (IOW, where are
two more hands most welcome?)


Santiago Burbano

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