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[GNUe]Basic question

From: Julio Cesar Gazquez
Subject: [GNUe]Basic question
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 16:44:58 -0300
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Hi. After a year looking about GNUe, I feel it is going into a path I like.
I had my own vision about database based development (look at I didn't work enough on it to make it usable, but it 
has both similarities and differences with GNUe Forms).

I want to start slowly porting some in-house stuff. I like 0.5.0 release, but 
designer is not there yet (details about bugs and wishes later), and 
documentation is not useful beyond a rough idea about how doing things.

The multiblock wizard works well, I got a nice effortless master-detail form.
What else do I need?

* Lookup fields: There is a simple way to show, by example, part names besides 
an entry part number? Or even picking the part in a combo?

* Reuse: I guess schemas and importing allows to define things once and use it 
along a large app. Field and entry types and sizes shouln't be defined once 
and again in each form. A good interface requires templates with predefined 
layouts and the same buttons. But I have no idea about how doing it.

* Doing database logon with no user interaction.

* Hiding the standard toolbar and menus. Those are nice for quick hacks, but 
by any means should be available in most cases.

I still didn't look at GNUe-sb (PAPO isn't ported to 0.5, and seems to do ugly 
things to work with multiple tables)

I'd like eventually to do some development about layout managers. IMHO, a char 
coordinates based layout is not the way to go. I see you are already aware of 
it, but there are no alternate layout managers so far.


Julio César Gázquez

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