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[GNUe]GNU Enterprise

From: Joseph
Subject: [GNUe]GNU Enterprise
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 21:50:45 -0600

This look like interesting project but I was wandering how this
accounting package address multi-currency and inventory feature.  
Most of today accounting packages are based on an old tradition and
sometimes it doesn't work in todays fast progressing business (on the

I've tried SQL-Ledger (it doesn't work for us).  
For example we do business from Canada but our prices are in USD and we
buy inventory mostly in USD; though our expenses are in Canadian Dollars
(CAD) and we pay taxes in CAD.
We keep the inventory in USD as it is easier to re-order items and
provide prices to customers.
We would like to see prices on inventory listed in for example: USD,
Euro and CAD when we look up the inventory stock when customer calls.
At time to time we sell to Canadian Customers in USD (foreign currency)
so we have to manually adjust tax entry.  
I've not seen single accounting that would address these issues.


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