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Re: Re: GNU Enterprise Application Server

From: Jan Ischebeck
Subject: Re: Re: GNU Enterprise Application Server
Date: 28 Apr 2003 23:23:49 +0200

Hi Daniel,

Appserver works quite well on windows with a recent version of python.
But you can just use the pw_xmlrpc RPC driver, the xmlrpc driver doesn't
work on windows. To install appserver, you need python2.2, egenix-mx, a
database driver and a populated database. I recommend the following
 1. Install python, egenix etc.
 2. Install gnue-common ("python.exe install")
 3. Install gnue-appserver ("python.exe install")
 4. Populate your database. (You have to use the 
                             script in the samples directory)
 5. Test if appserver is working alright. ("gnue-appserver --selftest")

Now, you should install gnue-forms and can then use Appserver on Windows
as proxy. For the "middle ware" parts you still have to wait for
appserver 0.1.0. 

Btw. it is very important that every table you want to access with
appserver has a table with the "gnue_id" row and is listed in the tables
row of the appserver_users table. If you want to access your own tables 
it is not sufficient to just add a "gnue_id" row (ALTER TABLE xxx ADD
gnue_id char(32);). You have to populate this row with unique ids.
(quite easy on postgres: UPDATE TABLE xxx SET gnue_id=OID;)

Finally I just can join Reinhard in inviting you to participate in IRC. 

Good Luck,

Jan (siesel)

Am Mon, 2003-04-28 um 22.54 schrieb Reinhard Mueller:
> Hi, Daniel!
> Am Mon, 2003-04-28 um 22.31 schrieb Daniel Karström:
> > Is it possible for you to guess a date for version 0.1.0 of Application
> > Server?
> Unfortunately no.
> Application Server is currently a 100% volunteer work, done in spare
> time. In a good day we sometimes make more progress than in a bad month.
> But you are not the only one waiting for 0.1.0 - so be assured that we
> will do our very best :-)
> > Can I use the same instructions from the 'Install'-files in
> > and for installation on
> > Windows if I get too eager? Just change the needed files?
> I really can't tell, because I have no experience in Windows
> installation.
> Honestly, I don't even know if Appserver will run on windows at all, as
> it makes heavy use of RPC mechanisms, which I'm not sure whether it is
> tested on Windows or not.
> However we won't stop you if you want to try. In our IRC channel, you
> might very likely find people that would be willing to help you
> (including myself), and we all would be thankful if at least you can
> point us to what we have to change for Windows.
> Thanks,
Jan Ischebeck <address@hidden>

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