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Re: I am going to begin translation project

From: Jan Ischebeck
Subject: Re: I am going to begin translation project
Date: 06 Apr 2003 17:34:34 +0200

Dear Gueven,

Some time ago, I've started to translate parts of the GNUe software
(GNUe Forms, GNUe Designer) into German just for myself. Its not
accurate and its just 20% of all strings, so it needs to be reviewed and

I think, that it could be a good basis for the "germanization" of the
GNUe Software Suite, so I've updated the Gettext .po file to the newest
version of GNUe, and commited it to cvs.

I would be happy if you could review the translation, and continue to
work on it, because I'm a bit short of time and seriously involved in
some other parts of gnue development.

You can find the po file at:
I've used gtranslator to edit the file. But you probably know
other/better tools for this job.


Jan (siesel)

Am Sam, 2003-04-05 um 13.09 schrieb Gueven Bay:
> Hello dear GNUe developers,
> I am going to begin the translation of your site, the GNUe software
> and the documentation of GNUe to German.
> I will post here my schedule and my translation progress.
> I wish you a funny and happy weekend
> Gueven Bay

Jan Ischebeck <address@hidden>

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