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Re: Problems with the inventory sample

From: Stanley A. Klein
Subject: Re: Problems with the inventory sample
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 17:22:13

At 06:31 AM 9/21/2002 -0400, Alesandro Bottoni
<address@hidden> wrote:
>I'm trying to run the "inventory " sample on my RH7.3 (with wxWindows 2.3=
>wxPython 2.3.2, PostgreSQL 7.X and so on...).
>I modified the connection.conf to reflect my local configuration:
>[excerpt from the connections.conf file]
>comment =3D GNUe Sample Inventory Database
>aliases =3D inventory
>provider =3D postgresql
>host =3D localhost
>dbname =3D inventory
>And I changed my inv_maintenance.gfd (and any other) file accordingly:
>[excerpt from inv_maintenance.gfd]
>  <datasource table=3D"inventory" name=3D"inventory" database=3D"inventor=
>  <datasource table=3D"unit_description" name=3D"available_units"=20
>              prequery=3D""/>
>  <database provider=3D"postgresql" dbname=3D"inventory" host=3D"localhos=
>            comment=3D""/>
>My PosgreSQL is configured as follows:
>inventory=3D# \d
>               List of relations
>          Name           |   Type   |   Owner
> company                 | table    | developer
> inventory               | table    | developer
> seq_company_id          | sequence | developer
> seq_unit_description_id | sequence | developer
> unit_description        | table    | developer
>(5 rows)
>inventory=3D# \dp
>                     Access privileges for database "inventory"
>          Table          |                     Access privileges
> company                 | {=3D,developer=3DarwdRxt,"group inventory=3Dar=
> inventory               | {=3D,alex=3DarwdRxt,developer=3DarwdRxt,"group=
> seq_company_id          |
> seq_unit_description_id |
> unit_description        | {=3Dr,developer=3DarwdRxt,"group inventory=3Da=
>(5 rows)
>I tried any possible login but I'm still getting this error message:
>Error: Unable to log in after 4 attempts.
>Error: could not connect to server: Connection refused.
>        Is the server running on host localhost and accepting
>        TCP/IP connections on port 5432?
>Of course, PostgreSQL IS working and listening...(see the shell output=20
>included above)
>How can I spot what is not working? Is there any way to see if the PyPreS=
>driver is working? What else can be? Any suggestion?

Alessandro -

The shell output does not demonstrate that Postgres is listening.  I'm
having a similar problem.  For security reasons, the Red Hat default for
Postgres is to *not* listen.  The shell output you cite above looks like
something I also got, which is based on a different (single user,
non-Internet-port) interface to Postgres.  

I'm also trying to get PGAccess to work so I can set up the databases,
because I haven't figured out how to do it through Designer by building the
forms and discovering the schema.  PGAccess has the same port interface and
same problem.

I have been reading the Postgres docs and the config files trying to figure
out (a) how to get Postgres to listen, and (b) how to configure my
Bastille-Linux firewall to prevent an outsider from accessing the port.  

I'm running RH 7.2 and Bastille sets up my iptables or ipchains (I'm not
sure which) firewall.  I want insiders (essentially me) to go through the
loopback device and have access and outsiders to be blocked.

If either of us figures it out, let's post it so other RH users will know
what to do.

Stan Klein

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