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Who uses GNUe?

From: Peter Sullivan
Subject: Who uses GNUe?
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 21:40:49 +0100

One thing that we would like to add to the GNUe website is a 
page on projects using GNUe - probably something similar to 
the excellent page on the DCL web site:
This would help answer the question we get asked frequently 
in IRC - variations on a theme of "so, is anyone actually 
using all this funky stuff in production, then?"

Actually, I'm not even sure if it shouldn't be two seperate 
pages - 
i) one for other free software projects using the GNUe tools
(such as Via Libre's papo), with a link to the relevant 
web site, and 
ii) the other a more general page of people who use GNUe for 
private projects - not proprietary, just internal stuff that 
they have no intention of releasing.

Anyway, if you are willing to be "outed" as a GNUe user, 
please send me the relevent details, either on or off-list.

Peter Sullivan <address@hidden>

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