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Re: [OT], archaicity, Re: Texinfo (was Re: Documentation File Formats)

From: S11001001
Subject: Re: [OT], archaicity, Re: Texinfo (was Re: Documentation File Formats)
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 00:42:55 -0500
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Derek Neighbors wrote:
Which is why in the end OpenOffice formats will probably be the norm. They let the writers write and not fuss with learning some 'formatting'
techniques. :)

"Texinfo is an intentional formatting language rather than a typesetting formatting language." (unfortunately, some would abuse the typesetting commands already in there, but declared properly as macros, the intention is preserved.)

If OpenOffice formats were better at intentional formatting, they wouldn't include so many options to easily screw around with fonts, paragraph spacing, paginating, etc. All that would be separated from the text. All word processors have this problem (unless you're referring to some non-word-processing, doc-writing OpenOffice app...); Texinfo at least allows you to separate the concerns and still generate something useful.

Stephen Compall
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position, I guess.
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