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FYI: We didn't get selected for the e-government conference

From: Stanley A. Klein
Subject: FYI: We didn't get selected for the e-government conference
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 10:53:53

This is for those who have been following this on Kernel Cousins.

We didn't get selected to speak or demo at the e-government conference.  I
still think we should submit material for the "conference manual".
However, they are having a Federal, state, and local e-govt conference next
March.  Perhaps we should target that one.

BTW, I have an article that discusses GNUe (among other free/open-source
software) being published in the September issue of the Business Monthly
(of Howard County, Maryland).

Stan Klein

>Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 08:17:22 -0400
>From: stanco <address@hidden>
>Subject: CPI/WorlBank Preliminary Agenda
>Sender: stanco <address@hidden>
>To: CPI/address@hidden
>X-Mailer: InterChange (Hydra) SMTP v3.62
>X-WebMail-UserID: address@hidden
>X-EXP32-SerialNo: 50000136
>X-UID: 22
>Thank you for the submission to the CPI/World Bank/UN/GSA Conference in 
>Washington, DC, October 16-18, 2002. The preliminary agenda is now posted at 
> Please note that an extra day, Wednesday October 16, has
>added to the schedule to accommodate as many presenters as possible.
>The presenters for India, Brazil, Mexico, and some developing countries have 
>not been finalized because of vacations at the World Bank and UN over the
>couple of weeks. We expect that decisions for these countries will be made 
>soon in the coming days.
>Also, note that we are having another Open Source in Government Conference 
>March 16-19, 2003 for the U.S. Federal, state and local governments. You are 
>invited to resubmit your proposal when the call for presenters of that event 
>opens in the coming weeks. Please regularly check for updates.
>Again, thank you for taking the time to participate in the October
>Best regards,
>Tony Stanco, Esq.
>Senior Policy Analyst
>Open Source and e-Gov
>Cyberspace Policy Institute
>George Washington University
>2033 K Street N.W., Suite 340
>Washington, DC 20006
>202-994-5513  Fax:202-994-5505

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