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Re: Documentation File Formats

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: Documentation File Formats
Date: 26 Aug 2002 20:54:59 -0700

> Don't worry too much. I will help you with the
> documentation and docbook personally (off the list).

Google for Norman Walsh and you will find the docbook definitive guide
on line for free.  It is a good book.

> I enjoy your enthusiasm ! :)

So do I.

> I would appreciate thoiugh, that you dedicate either a
> partition or a machine to this, that runs Unix or
> Unix-Like system (BSD, Mandrake GNU/Linux, Debian
> GNU/HURD, Debian GNU/Linux) since I am only literate
> with sgml tools under these environments, and I can
> (and will) only help you there.
> Here would be my ideal system:
> -GNU/Linux System running GNOME

If you install Debian and have IRC you will get a BOAT LOAD of help. 
Nearly our whole team runs Debian GNU/Linux and we end up doing a LOT of
support for general Debian stuff within our IRC channel. ;)

> -Emacs 21 (that runs very pretty under X)
> -PSGML Emacs Module
> -Ispell + English Dictionary
> -Docbook Tools (includes DTDs and Stylesheets)
> -SGML Tools (these should include simple command-line
> utilities like db2ps, db2pdf, db2rtf, etc.. to make
> your life easier).
> -Ghostscript and Ghostview
> I think that's it, but as I prommised I will help you
> through this.

I think most of the GNUe team has this philosophy, "we are here to

> In Mandrake you should be able to install these
> packages easily. They will have a lot of dependencies
> mostly on other docummentation tools like TeX and
> LaTex, so be patient.

Use Debian its well better. ;)

> BTW you don't really _have_ to use Emacs. There are
> probably a dozen "strutured" text editors but of
> everything I've tried (which aren't many) Emacs +
> PSGML major mode is IMHO by far the best tool for the
> job. In fact, I am personally a Nedit fan, but after I
> switched to Emacs it's hard going back. I did the
> switch mainly because of the structure-editing
> capabilities using the PSGML module, but after you get
> acustomed to the power of Emacs, frankly everything
> else falls very short.

There are editors other than emacs?  You speak blasphemy boy!


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