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Re: [long] RE: Supply Chain Spec Volunteer

From: Alejandro Imass
Subject: Re: [long] RE: Supply Chain Spec Volunteer
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 10:24:40 -0700 (PDT)


I am sorry I seem to have misplaced your last mail,
anyway is the one where you mention Windows XP. I
cannot help you there because all of my documentation
standards are in GNU/Linux.

All sgml tools work like a breeze in Debian. In all
other distros it's a little bit trickier to set up but
they run fine also. In Windoze I would bet it is much
harder to get free ``libre'' (GPL) sgml tools up and
running, but I am sure someone out there has tried and
can help you. In any case I am sure it would be easier
to install Debian (all you need is to be able to peck
enter like a chicken) and get it running there.

Regarding your proposition to use OpenOffice, I will
probably be a lot more polite than many here, but a
word of caution: GNUs don't like non-free tools very
much. At the time when GNUe was concieved StarOffice
(lka OpenOffice (after a take over of Star Division by
Sun)) was around with it's strings-attached licensing.
You are of course, free to use whatever you want. But
I am sure such recommendation will not follow through

Besides, if you are working in really large
documentation projects (such as the one you pretend to
embark) WYSIWYG is not a good idea anyway. There are
many debates over ``Text Processing'' and ``Word
Processing'' more accurately defined as WYSIWYG.

If you could dual-boot your machine (or get a cheaper
hardware) and use Debian or any other GNU/Linux distro
I will me more than happy to support your
docummentation efforts. Perhaps you have a friend that
uses GNU/Linux and you could use VNC <g>, which BTW is
not free ``libre'' to my understanding either.

Best Regards,
Alejandro Imass

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