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[long] RE: Supply Chain Spec Volunteer

From: Neil Tiffin
Subject: [long] RE: Supply Chain Spec Volunteer
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 19:45:29 -0400

Alejandro, I also agree that we should have a UML representation, but we also need non-technical documents as covered in my previous email.

Jeff, Alejandro was one of the original contributors to the specs and while we did not get far enough to include all of this product structures he had some very good ideas that were captured in early emails.

Derek seems to be promoting staying with the module guide and I will need to look and see if any work has been done recently to modify that from the package modules. Otherwise I would be happy to help get you started with the format.

Hopefully with the next version we can actually build a system. I am basically low involvement until the tools are ready to build an enterprise applications beyond a "Purchase Order Form". Not that a "PO Form" is bad, just not my area of interest.


At 2:17 PM -0700 8/20/02, Alejandro Imass wrote:
Jeff, please note that I am still around if you need
any help with the original Supply Chain Specs that I
originally wrote and submitted to GNUE a long time

I am glad to help you with the Docbook details. I use
emacs + psgml major mode. It is by far THE BEST SGML

I am aligned w/ Jeff in the sense that GNUE should
have a UML representation, at least in the Use-Case
level, and that we should be using DIA.


 Using UML has been suggested for the past several
 years.  We did not
 use it in the last incarnation because there was not
 a way to convert
 UML into something usable and I was not interested
 in doing
 everything twice (and no one else volunteered to do
 it either.)

I have used DIA and dia2code extensively (at the class
level) and love it. Furthermore I understand that DIA
should save as XML, so it should be translatable to
anything. I could work on this if needed.

Just to let you all know, I have been working on a
neat little model (and it's accompaniying CORBA API)
for Catalog Management, which should be an intrinsic
part of ANY Enterprise-Wide Materials Management
Solution. The code is sufficiently modular to be a
snap-in to any software, and since it provides a
uniform CORBA API to the model it should be quite easy
for end programmers. This piece could be called the
"GNUE Catalog Manager". This is quite in vogue these
days and could be an attractive offering for GNUE.

I am also working on an initial fully-operational
client to configure the Catalog. The tool is fully
graphic and lets the user configure the catalog in an
user-friendly manner. Even though this initial client
is written in Java (mainly because it's based on the
work done by Auburn VGJ, and because my initial
application has to run in a browser) it could be
easily ported to Gtk+. In fact, it should be quite
easy given that it relies mainly on the CORBA API
provided by the server. I would need some help though
with the porting of the graph ordering algorithms
(GCD) since I am not that good with math :-).

All this code is a work in progress but should be in
alpha/beta state in the next few (3-4) weeks.

Frankly, I was going to publish this work in Source
Forge, but now that I realize it, it might me a good
idea to publish it here.

BTW how does one contribute to this project? Do we
send everything to Derek? Do normal mortals ever get
write acces to cvs?

Alejandro Imass
Caracas, Venezuela

--- "J. Childers" <address@hidden> wrote:

 >> we will need a business persons view

 That's cool - the narrative has to come before use
 cases and such anyway. I'm "down" with that<g>.

 Since I got ya <g>....

 1- What application do you guys use to read/edit the
 XML DocBook files? I have searched Google
 like a madman and all I find are references to the
 darned docbook specifications. All I want is
 something to open the &*&*(*^# things!!

 2- By any chance, do you have an index to the Supply
 Chain files? I'd like to make sure I have the
 documents that are the a) right ones and b) all of
 > them (so I don't wind up reinventing the
 wheel).  If not - would you have capacity to work
 with me (even just in guidance mode) to create
 an index before I get started?

 Thanks Neil!


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