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Re: Data Dictionary Concept

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: Data Dictionary Concept
Date: 19 Aug 2002 22:37:19 -0700

> No, this puts the cart before the horse.  
> It worries about interoperability that doesn't exist and may not even need 
> to, 
> instead of worrying about having a way of managing the data schemas that are 
> _actually in the system_.
> A usual data dictionary is all about having a database somewhere around that 
> manages what tables (and contents) are used in the system.
> There _will_ be data on the system that under NO circumstances should be 
> released externally, such as security configuration and personal information 
> (as is found in payroll).  That should NOT get attached to any "ebXML" 
> system, 
> lest mistakes lead to confidential information getting released, which could 
> lead to all sorts of horrid effects including companies getting sued.
> And again, worrying about that is vastly premature.  The point _isn't_ about 
> abstract XML schema; it's about the concrete question of what DBMS tables are 
> on THIS system, and how do they link to the INTERNAL functionality of GnuE, 
> to 
> forms, business rules, and such.  Forms are certainly not something that is 
> any business of outsiders.

For the most part I agree with this position so wont add more.


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