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RE: Supply Chain Spec Volunteer

From: Jeff Childers
Subject: RE: Supply Chain Spec Volunteer
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 08:52:14 -0400

Great, I've looked at the documents and will start downloading them.
Question: What format are the graphics in? I don't recognize the

Unless anyone has an objection, I think I would like to use a light UML
style to organize the requirements. That is, define the modules in terms of
objects ('actors' or whatever) with their properties, events and methods. 

Jeff Childers

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To: J. Childers
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Subject: Re: Supply Chain Spec Volunteer

Yes we woudl love it, the source of that pdf is in cvs and is actually
in docbook (xml).  You can submit patches to it via address@hidden or

Neil Tiffin was heading up specs, but has other committments now, so
sending to the core will work until we find a new 'head' of application
speficication.  It's really a great job, in fact it even pays well, a
200% increase per day is *GUARANTEED*.  (assuming one is foolish enough
to believe 0*200 = something valuable)

On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 14:22, J. Childers wrote:
> Hey, do you guys want somebody to start fleshing out the SupplyChain.pdf
document? I assume that
> it's a spec of sorts...
> I would love to work on that. I have lots of detailed ERP product
experience (from coding to
> implementation) and tons of opinions :).  Who's in charge of specs anyway?
> Regards,
> Jeff Childers
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