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Re: Installing on Mandrake?

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: Installing on Mandrake?
Date: 16 Aug 2002 12:10:50 -0700

> I run Red Hat 7.2 and the distribution CDs don't carry wxPython or
> mxDateTime.  I had to download those from the appropriate sites.  At
> time some of the dependencies were available on a GNUe-related web
> (although I don't recall its being linked from  It
> would probably be good to make it a general practice to mirror all rpm
> dependencies via a link from  

I could swear that wxWindows is, however I think it was on the second or
third disk so often times people did not readily find it.  I agree about
he mirroring, all of the mirrored files were actually on my person
website (which is a address)  When comes
back up please send email to address@hidden stating that
they need to be posted.

> Also, Red Hat 7.2 follows the Linux Standards Base that specifies
> things go (for example, packages are not supposed to install to
> /usr/local).  I had to go in and create a link from where mxDateTime
> actually installed to where it was expected to be under the Red Hat
> installation rules.  I think Mandrake may follow the same rules, so
you may
> need to also create a link or GNUe will complain that it can't find
> mxDateTime.

Please submit this oversight to the rpm packager for mxDateTime so they
can fix it.


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