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Re: Installing on Mandrake?

From: Stanley A. Klein
Subject: Re: Installing on Mandrake?
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 18:22:31

At 06:32 AM 8/13/2002 -0400, Derek Neighbors <address@hidden> wrote:
>On Mon, 2002-08-12 at 11:06, Ryan Grange wrote:
>> I've noticed the definite Debian slant in all the installation
>> I think I'm close to having this system configured to run on a Mandrake 
>> system, but could use guidance in determining what I may be missing and
>> RPMs might have accomplished what I ended up using tarballs to acieve.  
>> (After all the whole point behind rpms and debs is ease of maintainence.
>> I wanted tarballs, I would have kept my Gentoo install to try this on.)
>Most of the developers do use Debian (after all we are a GNU project). 
>However, we take documentation from people using other distributions,
>for example there is a getting started guide for Red Hat 7.2 I think. We
>have a few folks that use Mandrake so I know that it works on Mandrake.
>In general what you need.
>Python >= 2.x
>wxPython(wxGTK) >= 2.x
>mxDateTime (reasonably current version)
>A database (pick from many more than likely postgres or mysql comes with
>pythondriver for chosen database
>That should be about it as far as dependencies go.  We do not have rpms
>for GNUe yet but we take patches.  All dependencies should not only be
>available via RPM but should be included on the Mandrake and Red Hat
>distribution CDs.

I run Red Hat 7.2 and the distribution CDs don't carry wxPython or
mxDateTime.  I had to download those from the appropriate sites.  At one
time some of the dependencies were available on a GNUe-related web site
(although I don't recall its being linked from  It
would probably be good to make it a general practice to mirror all rpm
dependencies via a link from  

Also, Red Hat 7.2 follows the Linux Standards Base that specifies where
things go (for example, packages are not supposed to install to
/usr/local).  I had to go in and create a link from where mxDateTime
actually installed to where it was expected to be under the Red Hat 7.2
installation rules.  I think Mandrake may follow the same rules, so you may
need to also create a link or GNUe will complain that it can't find

Stan Klein

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