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New user

From: Robert Jenkins
Subject: New user
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 09:25:27 +0100


I've just installed the gnue packages on a Windows machine.

My long term aim is to replace an existing networked database, currently
running on Dataease 4.53, with a postgres based system.
The overall network system consists of Linux & Netware servers plus
Win98 client machines.

I've no prior knowledge of SQL / Postgres or Python, but I have good
knowledge of C and programming in general (I do a lot of assembler &
embedded work).

I've got postgres installed on a Linux server for testing, also PGAdmin
II on a Windows box.

The database I'm hoping to replace has around 25 forms, ranging from one
to five screens worth of data, many of which use a number of virtual
fields displaying data extracted from other related tables.
It consists of Customer & Supplier data, Stock information, Machine data
(the customers product; technical spec, options fitted, customer site
etc) and Parts lists / sub-assembly lists. The long term aim is to also
integrate this with at least the stock section of the accounting system
(presently Sage Line 50) 

I think what I'm trying to achieve fits in fairly well with the gnue
project, but so far I'm not sure just what the present version of it
will do.

So far, with just a fairly brief look at the designer, I don't even know
if this requires an existing database structure, or if it can create /
manipulate tables to suit the forms it creates (as Dataease does)...

I'm happy to work on the development side, as time permits, once I
understand enough about the project.

In the meantime, if anyone has any info or ideas that would be of use - 
(other than to get books on SQL & Postgres - they are already on order
 - I would greatly appreciate hearing from them!


Robert A. Jenkins,

JRW Developments.

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