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Re: Contact, Event, and Workshop Managers

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: Contact, Event, and Workshop Managers
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 22:48:44 -0700

> I think I have a handle on the idea of master/detail that the forms
> use. I'll dig more into your example to get a full grasp on the XML
> portion of it.  Should I check out the DCL CVS to see your forms
> there?

There are some forms there, but its a much longer story as discussed in
IRC.  Soon I will get this stuff all in an easy to access place.

> Where would you like to discuss the details on the Contact Manager?

IRC cause Im lazy. :)

> (Sounds like a package is brewing *grin*).  Just to let you know, my
> boss certainly responds to the "show me " idea of extreme programming,
> even if he doesn't know it.  I get a lot of pressure to get working
> examples into play; it's the easiest way to show progress.  This
> project has my full attention, so put me in coach!

Cool.  How about 'centerfield' as john fogerty would say. ;)


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