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Zope workflow?

From: Verscharen, Joe
Subject: Zope workflow?
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 10:23:53 -0400

Hey Y'all,

Related to a couple earlier threads, Zope appears to have a several usable
(even some documention) enterprise workflow packages.  I think these would
be a very a appealing starting place for most enterprises considering
opensource.  I suspect that something like openflow will already be in place
for such enterprises by the time the GNUe business packages are in ready.  I
think in the majority of practical scenarios, there will need to be a
co-existence/integration of these "application servers" to be mindful of.  I
don't think GNUe directly addresses overall enterprise Workflow, true?

I'm a old time IT guy but a Zope & GNUenterprise newbie, I apologize in
advance for any misunderstandings.  I'm very interested in the GNUe
Financial (or Double talk?), HR and Manufacturing packages.

OpenFlow link:

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