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Re: HOWTO Install

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: HOWTO Install
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 07:38:59 -0700

> I am new to GNUe and I am trying to get some of the stuff to work. I
> downloaded the CVS version and did a which ran fine. I now want
> to access some of the packages and get them installed. What to do now?

Things are installed.  Currently the packages are not installable as they dont 
exist except in design only.  The tools however are created and installed and 
you should be able to run the samples to get an idea of what GNUe can do.

> How do I create the database?

The samples have .sql files you can load.

> How do I install the packages?

The packages do not yet exist you can see samples in gnue/forms/samples/

> How do I access the packages?

See above.

> What should go in the configure file?

The gnue.conf you can leave alone, the connections.conf needs to be edited to 
point to a valid database and use a driver that is installed on your system.

> How should I run jade on the packages documentation?

On redhat i believe db2html, db2ps, db2rtf etc work.  I think if you get the 
doctools from debian these are available as well though Im not certain.

> I have looked through the documentation and couldn't find any helpful
> information on setting up a proper gnue system. I am most probably looking
> in the wrong place or I am too stupid to figure this out.

Nope,  I think you are looking for a finished system and that doesnt exist.  
Currently we have excellent tools, but no end user packages.  It appears you 
installed the tools no problem.  I encourage you to look at the samples and 
play with designer as well.

Derek Neighbors

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