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Re: GEDI/Database Schema proposals?

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: Re: GEDI/Database Schema proposals?
Date: 12 Apr 2002 08:48:34 +0200


Am Don, 2002-04-11 um 20.22 schrieb Jason M. Felice:
> On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 07:59:20PM +0200, Reinhard Mueller wrote:
> > Am Don, 2002-04-11 um 19.00 schrieb Jason M. Felice:
> > > I've seen that there is sort of a "request for proposal" for GEDI.
> > 
> > Just to make sure we talk about the same thing: could you please give a
> > pointer what you are refering to here?
> GNU Enterprise Data Interface
> This is in "GNU Enterprise - The Definitive Guide".

This document is nearly 2 years old and widely outdated. I feel
absolutely sorry for our incomplete and outdated documentation. It's a
pain to see how they are misleading people that look at the project.

We have talked about a webpage redesign. Maybe we should go through the
docs and remove the outdated ones - I believe that no documentation is
better than documentation that simply tells wrong stuff.
(hit for psu ;-))

> > > Also, are there any thoughts on making a database designer module for the
> > > designer?
> > 
> > We have strong plans to enable GNUe Designer to design business objects.
> Does that answer the question?  Do we consider the database a business
> object, or do we have neat hat tricks to map between the two?

In our n-tier setup, there will be the "GNU Enterprise Application
Server" which maps business objects into database tables. The person
creating a module for GNUe will design business objects instead of
database tables.

Reinhard Mueller
GNU Enterprise project

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