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Re: Finance and accounting module proposal

From: Neil Tiffin
Subject: Re: Finance and accounting module proposal
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 20:23:33 -0500

At 10:39 PM +0000 3/18/02, Richard Rosenberg wrote:
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Mr. Tiffin:
I am interested in GNUe, specifically the accounting and finance side. I
have reviewed the module proposal and I have some further questions.
Please forgive my ignorance; I come from a proprietary ERP consulting
background (JD Edwards) and I am relatively new to open source. A few
1.How do I participate in the discussion/development of the finance and
accounting module? To whom do address questions relating to specific

The current functionality was coordinated by Reinhard and myself, with input from many people. You can participate in several ways. Most of the discussions are done in IRC. You may also use email and volunteer for the items you are interested in. We really need a CPA on the project.

2.Is there a date when you anticipate this module moving from 'proposal'

This module was developed using GEAS version 1. The team has decided to rewrite GEAS. It is unclear if the current structure for packages and .gcd files will remain. Current work on Packages is waiting progress on the tools.

3.I noticed there are code snipets (python class definitions?) included
in the proposal. Is there an available database model as well?

Yes, the point to GEAS is to abstract the actual Database and provide an easy way for Business Analysts to configure the system. The python snippets you mention are referred to (by GNUe) as business methods and could be written in many languages. GEAS version 1 supported Python and C.

4.Related to number 2, above, is anyone using GNUe as their accounting

Not that I am aware of. Two tier GNUe is being used in many places, GEAS version 1 is being used by Treshna (New Zealand, I believe).


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