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Re: An Analysis Pattern for Inventories

From: Dirk Riehle
Subject: Re: An Analysis Pattern for Inventories
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 10:48:13 -0500

Yup, I agree 100%. Or "gush", as pattern people say.

This make no sense. Why would we not be allowed to use desgin patterns
in GNUe code? I am 100% certain that jcater has used some already in
his existing code. I am sure we will also use some in GEASv2
code. Also, if the pattern is copyrighted (the document describing it)
that doesn't mean you are prohibited form using it....only way
that is going to happen is if it is patented like you said. This
trojan horse design pattern fear is unfounded, IMHO. Patterns have
been open for a while and the likelihood of us accidently using some
patented design pattern is slim to none. Welcome to the new OO world
of patterns.

Daniel E Baumann      address@hidden

And if cynics ridicule freedom, ridicule community...if ``hard nosed
realists'' say that profit is the only ideal...just ignore them, and use
copyleft all the same.
      -- RMS

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