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Re: GNUe Application Server version 2 kick-off

From: Christopher Browne
Subject: Re: GNUe Application Server version 2 kick-off
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 13:15:02 -0500

> My personal notes on the kick-off discussions for GNUe Application
> Server version 2 - held on the IRC channel on Thursday 28th February -
> are now available on the web, at:
> (This is effectively a sneak preview of what will be in GNUe Kernel
> Cousins #19 when I finish it next week.)

I'll add one "anti-Java" comment vis-a-vis the material mentioned...

The BIG PROBLEM with building interesting applications in Java is that the 
interesting frameworks (e.g. - jBoss and the likes) require JDK code that is 
Not Available Freely.

There are a bunch of JVMs out there; there are various free compilers; this is 
all well and good.  But the freely available class libraries largely target 
Java 1.0 or _perhaps_ 1.1 (and I might be overstating that "perhaps").

The neat Java stuff tends to need JDK 1.3 or "better," and that is distinctly 
NONFREE, being heavily dependent on very nonfree Sun code.

There are some projects out there to "Debian package" some Java stuff; it 
virtually always depends on JDK code you have to individually license from Sun.

Point me to a URL demonstrating the contrary, if you like; I've done a fair 
bit of (frustrated) searching on this.

Introducing a big dependency on the good graces of Sun is not my idea of a 
"free software project."
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