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Problem with GEAS and MySQL 4.01

From: Wolf
Subject: Problem with GEAS and MySQL 4.01
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 16:44:47 GMT

I've been looking at this project for a few weeks now, and I decided I
would give the software a try.  I got everything compiled and installed,
but now I have a problem running the geas-server program.  It doesn't
seem like it can create the database.  I am running RedHat Linux 7.2, but
I have upgraded to MySQL 4.01.  I have installed all the required RPM's
according to the recent RedHat CVS Install Instructions on the website.
When I try to run GEAS-Server, this is the output I get:

address@hidden chr]$ geas-server
Trying to open config file '/usr/local/etc/geas.conf'
Loading aliases from file 'geas-alias.cfg'

** ERROR **: file geas-server.c: line 1676 (reserve_sql_words): assertion
failed: (fp != NULL)

Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.  I have attached my
geas.conf file just in case I need different settings.

Christopher Lewis

p.s.  I know this is basically a development release, but is there any
documentation available for  end users and other non-developers?
# a demo setup only. adjust to suit your system
# only one database at a time is allowed
tablealiases geas-alias.cfg

# The username for the defualt system administrator
#  - logs in as 'admin' using 'admin' password from shadowpw
adminuser root

# Log all activities (reads, writes, object creation and deletion)
# to this file  (uncomment to activate logging system)
# mainlog geas.log

# log server private classes as well (debug mode only)
# logserverclasses FALSE # always FALSE in release mode

# Create a log file of all debugging information, for use in tracking down 
debugfile geas.debug.log

# where to look for GCD (Gnue Class Definition) files
classdir            /usr/local/share/geas
# classdir            ../examples/businessobjects
# classdir            ../../gnue-config

# Where to find method code files
methoddir            /usr/local/share/geas/methods
# methoddir           ../examples/businessobjects/methods

# Where is the geas.idl file stored?
rootIDLfile  /usr/local/share/idl/geas.idl
# rootIDLfile  ../idl/geas.idl

# where to display database change information
databasechangefile  /dev/null # don't care about it just now :)

# These files contain lists of reserved words
# ie words that can't be used as table/column names
mysqlreserved      /usr/local/share/geas/mysql.reserved.lst
# postgresqlreserved /usr/local/share/geas/postgresql.reserved.lst

# control debugging output
debuglevel off # controls output to screen - debugfile above always gets full 

# How many objects to keep in RAM at one time
maximumcache 50000

# where to publish server details
# default is in ${prefix}/var/run
# for current demos, leave in 'src' dir
pidfile /usr/local/var/run/
iorfile /usr/local/var/run/geas-server.ior

# If the CORBA name service is being used, this IOR identifies
# the server to use (currently not fully implemented)
nameserviceior /tmp/orbit-name-server.ior

# adjust these settings as appropriate. remember to create a 'shadowpw'
# file if a password is required to access the MySQL database
[ database test_mysql ]
active         true
type           MySQL
dbname         gnue
username       gnue
hostname       localhost
unixsocket     /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
port           0
connections    1

# adjust these settings as appropriate. remember to create a 'shadowpw'
# file if a password is required to access the PostgreSQL database
[ database test_postgresql ]
active         false
type           PostgreSQL
dbname         gnue
username       gnue
hostname       localhost
port           5432
connections    1

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