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PostgreSQL login bug?

From: Scott Lamb
Subject: PostgreSQL login bug?
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 14:44:28 -0600 (CST)


Logging into to PostgreSQL from GNUe Designer 0.1.1 on win32 does not work
well for me. I've got a connections.conf entry with provider "pypgsql"
pointed at the correct host/dbname.

First, when I try to connect to the server without the correct pg_hba.conf
entry, logins fail as I'd expect, but it doesn't pop up any sort of error
message. I would expect it to give something like this:

    No pga_hba.conf entry for host blah, user blah, database blah

Other clients (and the server logs) give this message and it's quite
helpful. GNUe designer just pops up the login entry again, which it could
know is doomed to failure.

Second, it's submitting the wrong username. I'm "slamb" on the database
server and "lambs" on the Windows desktop I'm using. It ignores whatever I
type into the username section of the login box and gives "lambs" to the
database server. I know because I see this in the server logs:

    Password authentication failed for user 'lambs'

Sorry, no patch. I wasn't sure how to set up the development environment
on Win32 and have no Linux desktop here at work.

Scott Lamb

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