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Re: [gnue-discuss] Kernel Cousins for #gnuenterprise irc?

From: Todd Boyle
Subject: Re: [gnue-discuss] Kernel Cousins for #gnuenterprise irc?
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:42:42 -0800

I hope you do this.  I was most disappointed since GNUE developers
quit communicating by email and went into IRC.  I was learning a lot from the
GNUE discussions, and this KC thing is a good example, I never heard of this.
I may be available to work on digests,


At 05:09 AM 10/29/01, Neil Tiffin wrote:

1) IRC discussions are unstructured, with no formal threads. The KC
format is thread-based. This will involve a certain amount of squeezing
to fit - I will probably end up treating each day as a "thread" or
something similar.

It would really be nice to have a subject that corresponds to the discussion. We have discussed embedding titles into the IRC text to make that possible.

!!!TITLE Discussion GCD format changes

The problem is that some text usually comes before we realize that we are in a discussion

So we also discussed having something like

To denote that the discussion started 25 lines previously

Of course these examples are just examples and someone should think about a syntax that makes sense.

2) How should I treat off-topic material? Should I ignore completely?
(Bear in mind that some days can be wholly off-topic - that's part of
the joy of IRC.) What about marginal stuff (general free software
issues, RMS toadying/badmouthing, etc.)? My personal preference is to
focus more on on-topic stuff, but not ignore off-topic.

I think we should ignore off topic stuff completely. We have two logs that are accessible and most of us will read them anyway.

3) It is not always easy to identify the full name of speakers from
their IRC nick - the e-mail address will be in the log when they signed
on, but with some of the guys that will have been several months ago...
Accurate naming is important in KC, because it's used to generate

Regular contributors use standard nicks unless they are involved in some off-topic joking around. I don't think this will be a problem. I would index by nick not by name. Names of regular contributors are listed on our web pages.

To be fair, 1-3 can mostly be resolved with a bit of extra work by me.
But the big one is:

4)  Will people be less forthright and honest, or feel at all
restrained, if they know their IRC comments are being summarised
elsewhere? Of course, the logs are open for anyone to look at already,
but that takes a different level of effort to dig out.

I would think summarization would be very positive and not effect the quality of the content.

So in other words, I am not backing out, but I feel I ought to check
that everyone here is totally happy with what I am planning to do before
I do it!

I actually have a draft summary of last week's IRC that I pulled
together (not yet in proper KC format, however) which I can post to give
people an idea of what I'm thinking of.

Let me know what you think.

I think its an excellent idea.
GNU Enterprise

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