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Re: Programming

From: Reinhard Müller
Subject: Re: Programming
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 16:49:14 +0200
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Hello, and welcome!

Brahim Mouhdi wrote:


I would like to help this project by programming stuff. How does one go
about it?

The first step is always becoming familiar with what is there now. The current components of GNUe can be developed quite independently of each other, so you will probably pick one of the basic components you want to concentrate on. As you are experienced with C, you might want to have a look at GEAS, the Application Server, which is written in C.

There have been a lot of changes since version 0.0.6, which is the latest release, so you will probably want to download the current CVS version. You find instructions to do so on

If you have problems with downloading, configuring, compiling, or understanding GEAS, we are reachable nearly 24 hours a day in IRC at channel #gnuenterprise. If you don't have access to IRC, you can write a mail to address@hidden which is a mailing list specialized for the Application Server.

Of course other parts of GNUe also need help, so if you are (for example) interested in GUI programming, you could help out with the front end (GNUe Forms). Be aware that most parts of GNUe except GEAS are written mainly in Python, not in C. But our experience is that Python can be learned very quickly.

As soon as you have gotten an overview of the whole thing, you can pick a task you want to work on (some tasks are documented in the TODO file which you find among the sources, and some tasks certainly exists that we haven't even found out that they should be done ;))

When you start to contribute real code, we will ask you to assign copyright to the Free Software Foundation, which is the official copyright holder for the whole project.

Currently i'm employed as a software engineer and mostly work with C and
Unixes. I would
say i'm a medior programmer, i have not reached nirvana yet :).
Hope to hear from someone soon.

Best regards,

Brahim Mouhdi

Reinhard Müller
BYTEWISE Software GmbH
A-6890 Lustenau, Enga 2
Tel +43 (5577) 89877-0
Fax +43 (5577) 89877-66

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