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Here is your info about membership in our private club!

From: graylota
Subject: Here is your info about membership in our private club!
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 19:16:52 -0800

Create, Build, and Protect Wealth Offshore!

Protect your hard earned income. The benefits from becoming a member of our network are so unique that you have the ability to apply them to both your business and personal financial needs. Nothing is left to chance. You do not need any experience or special education to be successful.


Offshore Banking, Privacy,Asset Protection & Wealth Building

You will be exposed to investment strategies and income generation opportunities that pay high yield returns on your money. Learn about investment yields that are substantially higher per month than traditional domestic investments. These investments are the jealously guarded secrets of the wealthy that have been profiting from this knowledge for years.

Finally, you can take advantage of the same offshore tax havens that wealthy individuals have been utilizing for years to protect their assets. You don't need to be wealthy to start

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All requests to be taken off our mailing list are AUTOMATICALLY and IMMEDIATELY
honored upon receipt.
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Each year in the U.S. alone, the "postal" bulk mail industry consumes over 450 million trees just to make the paper used in sending their advertisements and promotions. Using email instead can significantly reduce this consumption, while at the same time decreasing the billions of tons of paper
waste filling our landfills. Save the trees, save the planet, use email!

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