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RE: [gnue-integrator] New GNU Enterprise Product

From: Todd Boyle
Subject: RE: [gnue-integrator] New GNU Enterprise Product
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 17:49:17 -0800

I have been busy.  I work for now, in Norway part
of the time.  The webledger is the result of many
years' previous work in Economica AS and othre companies. These
principals in the company were among the authors of OMG's General
Ledger during the late 1990s. 

One of our products this month has been a draft submission to the
OMG which interested parties may read on their website.

For your integration product I have been working fairly continuously
with other companies and particularly with Netaccount, on my 
rootledgerXML schema.  perhaps you remember my posts last summer
and fall. 

The newest draft version is  Having been worked
over by a number of different people it is no longer a flat 
schema you saw before.  I think you will recognize fairly 
immediately this is the documentation for a two tier XML schema
that can still be parsed most easily with any legacy string 
parser as well as python or other scripting languages, in
addition to being beautifully compatible with the newer XML 
middleware that is coming at us from Microsoft and the rest of 
the software industry. 

The purpose of this schema is to serve as a standard XML schema
for general ledger transactions (including approximately 80 
additional codes or attributes that commonly appear in transactions.)

I'll stop now, and await any comments from the list, 
hope this helps, 


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